Friday, November 30, 2012

You believe. So what ?

Today on the bus on the way to Wal-Mart I was reading the Bible. Right behind me I hear a guy ask me what I am reading. I tell him the Bible. Then he ask where at in the Bible am I reading. I was reading 1 Kings chapter 2. Then he ask me to "speak on it" which I took as "tell me the practical application of the scripture in my daily life". So I expounded on (1 Kings 2:36-46). To sum it up King Solomon tells Shimei to build a home in Jerusalem and to stay in Jerusalem and to never leave the city. Shimei had cursed and mocked Solomon's father David  (2 Samuel 16:13) This guy Shimei was a first class jerk he literally followed King David along a mountain cursing him and throwing dirt on him. Does he not know that this is the guy who killed Goliath. But to get back on track, Shimei's life is spared by David and David's son Solomon. Solomon told him stay here in Jerusalem and don't cross the brook Kidron and if you do you WILL DIE!. Shimei agrees. After 3 years Shimei's slaves run away to Gath. Shimei chases after them and he finds them in Gath then returns to Jerusalem. King Solomon finds out Shimei has left Jerusalem and after scolding Shimei asking why he did not keep his Oath to the Lord, and telling him how his own heart has convicted him of the evil done to King David. King Solomon has him executed. O.K. what does this look like in my life, you and the guy on the bus are thinking ?  Two things and one just popped into my head as I was re-reading over the scripture. Repentance and love of possessions. The Bible speaks so much about repentance has 200 documented verses about it.( The Lord is not playing around when he says repent from sin. Sin equals death (Romans 6:23) Shimei said he would abide by his oath to the Lord but he did not. So what happened he died. What caused his death disobediance and why did he disobey he was chasing after his possessions. Back to the guy on the bus he started to act weird and his breath smelled of alcohol. I glance at his hand and there is a beer in his hands. Then he says "don't judge me because I'm drinking I believe in Jesus I love him" Ok I tell him but the Bible says to obey the authorities (Romans 13:1-3)and there is no eating or drinking ON THE BUS. Drinking in moderation is fine in it's proper place. Then he goes off on some weird tangent telling me not to be stingy with the word of God, and don't judge blah blah blah... Dude first of all I was just quietly reading and studying. I told him that as a Christian I am supposed to share the Gospel and I am never stingy with the word of God. I tell him at this point I am going to get back to reading and he is mumbling some thing about how he loves God and this and that. I got off the bus shook his hand and that's that. Plenty of scriptures pop into my head as I am walking     "You believe that God is one; you do well. Even the demons believe and shudder!"(James 2:19 ESV). Ok dude you believe God is real so does Satan ! Congratulations. You say you love him but you don't show it. You follow Satan! This verse popped into my head also. "Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers For they will soon fade like the grass and wither like the green herb."(Psalm 37:1-2 ESV) This Psalm came into mind because this man on the bus had some kind of work ID badge on his shirt. This man has a job. I don't! It's tough to see people who either could care less about God, or say they do but are hypocrits do well. I have accepted where God has me right now in life and I am content to wait in him, do what he tells me, and watch for his next move and not watch the moves of secular society.

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